HIIT - High intensity interval training, alternating between intense bursts of activity and fixed periods of less intense movement to hit every muscle group! Suitable for all ages and fitness levels this group training session will burn body fat, increase strength and improve fitness. Awesome afterburn effect!


TRX - Activate your core within every movement with TRX suspension training. This session combines strength and cardio to give you a whole body workout you will remember the next day.


Kettlebell - The extra muscle activity you get from kettlebell training means your body burns more calories. Couple that with exercises that target the whole body and you have a formula for significant fat loss and strong lean muscle


Team Training - A blend of functional training exercises that will move you quickly from station to station activating every major muscle group!



Technique - Whether you’re just starting out, have an injury or want to brush up on your technique, get back to basics with a focus on posture and correct movement patterns. Don’t take this session as a soft option; you will wake up sore tomorrow.


Boxing - Pack some punch into your workout with 45 minutes of upper body endurance and cardio training.  A great way to burn into and shape your shoulders and arms while at the same time working into your core and stripping body fat



Strength & Conditioning

Ready to break the plateau and increase your lift weight?  This definition and body shaping session will lead you through a series of resistance exercises.  It will give you the support you need for perfect technique and the confidence to lift more. 



5:30am to 8:00pm


7:30am to 12:30pm




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